Member Benefits

We have crafted three specialized,categories of membership to fit your lifestyle, and our Club Membership Team can help you find the best fit for you. You do not need to be a property owner in Sunland to be a member of the Country Club.



Membership Categories

  • Equity
      • Unlimited golf anytime
      • Reciprocal privileges
      • Certificate Holder
      • Voting privileges
  • Full Associate
      • Unlimited golf anytime
      • Available for members aged 19-55
  • Weekend Plus
      • Unlimited golf weekdays after 1:00pm and anytime on the weekends.
      • Available for members aged 19-55

Member Clubs & Events

  • Club Member Tournaments
    • A benefit of being a Member is the ability to participate in competitive and social events at the club. Sunland Golf and Country Club provides ample opportunity to make the golfing experience for our Members superior to any other club in the area through our full compliment of golfing programs and events planned throughout the calendar year.
  • Women’s Program
    • The Sunland Womens Golf Association (SWGA) offers an 18-hole league play every Thursday, and the 9-Hole Lady Niners also play on Thursday. Both groups play from March through October. In addition to weekly play, the SWGA and Lady Niners share the same spirit as all golfers by holding special events and tournaments throughout the season, with the most prestigious event being our Ladies Club Championship.

      Our Women's Competition Calendar consists of many time honored traditions, including our Captains Cup, Member-Member, War of the Roses, Teams of the Peninsula, and Club Championship.
  • Men’s Program
    • Our Men’s program has a full schedule of events year round. Our Men’s 18-Hole League plays every Wednesday and the 9-Hole League plays every Thursday afternoon. These leagues offer a great opportunity for building relationships and friendships among our golfers. This member favorite event includes different competitions each week and also has 1 mixer event each month.

      Our Men’s Competition Calendar consists of many time honored traditions, including our President’s Cup, Member-Member and Member-Guest Tournaments, War of the Roses, Home and Aways, and Men’s Club Championship.
  • Couples’ Program
    • From April through September, our 18-hole couple’s event is held each Tuesday and is known as a great opportunity to meet new members. The 18-hole couples finish the season with a two day club championship during the last week of September.

      Twilight Couples takes place through the late spring and summer months on Monday evenings. After playing 9 holes of giggle golf players enjoy a potluck dinner in the Members Lounge. There are typically 6 twilight couples events a year.